Künstlerportrait / Neues

Portrait: Anna Kuropatkova

[30 Künstler, 5 Fragen, der 1. Satz]
Jeden Montag ein Künstlerportrait der aktuellen Ausgabe.
Heute: Dichterin ANNA KUROPATKOVA aus [Lautschrift] #2.

[Lautschrift]: What made you start writing?
Anna: When I was thirteen, I had to write a composition on Lermontov’s verse. I found his poems so inspiring that I came up with a poem of my own. It consisted almost entirely of quotes! (Very post-modern)

Is there a certain poet that inspires you particularly?
There are so many! Emily Dickinson, Boris Pasternak, Joseph Brodsky, Eric Ormsby, Stephanie Bolster, Marat Akchurin. This list could go on forever.

Where can we find you offline and online?
Actually, I compose poems wherever an idea comes to me. Once I have a line, I have to create the entire poem in my mind. When the first draft is finished, I always write it into my notebook. I never carry this around, which means that I always do the actual writing at home. I have to rely on my memory a lot, but it has always worked fine so far.

„Ein Gedicht entsteht überhaupt sehr selten – ein Gedicht wird gemacht.“ (G. Benn). How do your poems come in into existence? Is it more a mythical development or workmanlike?
I write two types of poems. The first type consists of what are more or less love-letters. I write them in one go and hardly ever work on them – they go straight to the addressee. At this point I would like to thank all the people who have ever inspired my poetry! The next type is “real” poems and I work on these a lot. Sometimes, even love poems are “real ones” – “Chasing Fog” is. Then, I usually write the first draft at home and take the poem to the Creative Writing group at the English department of Heidelberg University. There, I get the most valuable feedback on my poem. At this point I would like to thank Creative Writers for their help! Then I revise the poem… Sometimes it takes me years to get it all right.

There has been a series on politics and poetry in the “Zeit” newspaper for a couple of months now in which contemporary lyricists compose poems about political events. What do you think is poetry capable of achieving? Can (or does it have to be) more than mere artistic self-reflection?
There are, and there have always been, enough poets who engage themselves politically. I’m not one of those.


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